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are you having computer problems? we offer computer repair and laptop repair services for you in the city of West Palm Beach, FL, by microsoft certified technicians? our technicians are A+ certified and provide onsite Laptop Repair and computer repair in West Palm Beach.

From $59.00 On-Site Service

we provide the best price and high quality service for computer repair and laptop repair services in the city of West Palm Beach, FL, we give you a 30 day warranty for your computer repair or laptop repair that we fix for you.
Computer and Mac Repair

From $59.00 On-Site Service

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we offer the best price and quality Computer Repair and Laptop Repair services in the city of West Palm Beach

We provide hardware and software repairs for you in the city of West Palm Beach, FL,

Same day computer repair and laptop repair services.

We come right to your home or office.

All repairs come with a 30 day guarantee.

Take a look at some of the services we offer and issues we solve for you.

  • I need help with Data Recovery.
  • My computer is unable to connect to the Wifi.
  • Computer or Laptop power issues
  • I cannot log into my Email.
  • My monitor is not working.
  • We provide friendly onsite computer repair.
  • unable to connect to the internet.
  • Reliable Apple and iMac repairs.
  • My Mac is not working properly.

  • From $59.00 On-Site Service

    When disaster strikes you need the right laptop or computer company to solve it for you.

    Just give us a call we have expert technicians available today!

    Our team of IT experts can solve your computer, Laptop and Apple iMac problems.

    AAT is the best choice for your business and home solutions in West Palm Beach.


    • Business Services •

    We offer local IT Services for businesses in West Palm Beach, FL,

    At AAT we understand that everyone needs a computer or laptop that they can depend on.

    When there is a problem with your computer, it's as if a family member were sick!

    We will do everything we can to get that family member back up and running smoothly again.

    We will even save you money doing so.

    Looking to lower your IT costs?

    Stop worrying and keep working, let us look after your technology, After all we are the experts.

    Have you or your business experienced data loss due to a computer problem?

    Our technicians provide data recovery solutions in the city of West Palm Beach, FL,

    • Fast Onsite Service •

    Our certified technicians provide rapid support response for your IT issues!

    Network or IT problems?

    We solve all types of network and computer repair related issues.

    Our technicians can get your servers, routers and computers back on line quickly.

    Cyber-attack's are happening all over the country.

    Your computer and Mac's need to be protected properly to avoid problem's.

    To avoid losing your important information, We recommend using local and web base storage for reliability.

    A Affordable Technology is the best choice for solving your laptop, computer and Apple iMac problem's.

    AAT has been providing expert computer and Apple repair services in West Palm Beach, FL for over 15 years.

    A Affordable Technology offers Computer Repair and Laptop Repair services for residents and Busineses in the city of West Palm Beach, FL,

    Apple and iMac Repair

    We are a full service Apple and Mac repair company ready to fix your computer issues today in the city of West Palm Beach.

    whether your looking for a iMac or Macbook repair we are here to solve it for you.

    We offer fast Mac and Apple iMac repair services in West Palm Beach, FL,

    We fix Mac disasters.

    Just give us a call we'll come to you.

    From $59.00 On-Site Service


    we are the company to call for Laptop Repair and Computer Repair services in the city of West Palm Beach, FL,

    Need Mac Repairs?

    We Provide The Best Price and Quality Service for Mac and Apple Repair!

    iMac or Macbook Problems?

    From wireless printers to E-mail issues, we do it all!

    All repairs come with a 30 day guarantee.

    Take a look at some of the Mac repairs we provide.

  • iMac hardware repair.
  • Certified Apple technicians.
  • iMac or Macbook running slow
  • iMac running slow repair.
  • Apple data recovery services.
  • Hard drive replacement.
  • Password troubleshooting repair.
  • Mac Spinning color wheel repair.
  • iMac not booting properly repair.
  • My iMac cannot print to the printer.
  • our technicians will provide the best service and price for all of your Computer Repair and Laptop Repair issues, just call us you'll be glad you did!

    About Us

    Are you having issues with your laptop or desktop computer? Is your computer failing to boot?

    We can diagnose the issue, correct the problem and get things back to normal for you quickly.

    A Affordable Technology is your one resource for all your network, computer and Apple iMac repairs in the city of West Palm Beach, FL.

    We conveniently come to you to repair and remedy whatever problem you are having.

    We work on all desktops, laptops and Networks for residents and businesses.

    AAT is commited to offering a premium service to those who "Just Want It Done Right".

    Our top priority is to ensure your experience with AAT is better than you've had with any other company in the past.

    A Affordable Technology has been faithfully helping residents and business's in West Palm Beach for over 15 years with computer and laptop repairs.

    We will expertly resolve your issues and offer recommendations to improve your overall technology experience.

    For many people the most valuable part of any computer is the files, pictures, and other data that is stored on the hard drive.

    We understand that losing your valuable files, pictures and data can be traumatic, which is why we have several data recovery options.

    In approximately 95% of all data loss situations we are able to perform our standard data recovery.

    We can do this for computers with a wide range of problems even if you do not want to repair the broken computer.

    AAT knows that your documents and photos are always priority, that is why both file recovery and picture recovery are included in our data recovery process.

    We will restore those precious files and memories for you!

    In the case of you purchasing a new hard drive or entirely new computer we can also perform a data transfer.

    With a data transfer you can take your photos, documents, and any other info you would like to bring with you to your new system.

    Call today to schedule a service call, We guarantee you'll be glad you did!

    We provide profesional onsite computer repair and iMac repair from $59.00 that can't be beat by other computer repair shops in West Palm Beach.

    Whether your having a simple computer problem or a complicated one, We're here to solve it for you!

    At A Affordable Technology solving computer, Mac and laptop problems is what we do.

    New computer? We will personalize it with all your programs and settings. Files on the old computer? No problem, we will transfer them for you.

    We are a small local company with over 20 years of hands on experience offering computer repair and Laptop repair services.

    In today's world you need your laptop or computer in top condition all the time.

    With our easy and affordable on-site computer repair services you can expect the best performance out of your computer.

    AAT is the leading computer repair and laptop repair company in West Palm Beach to call for help.

    We're fast, affordable and available when you need us!

    How May We Help You Today?

    By David Tennenhouse

    What People Are Saying

    A Affordable Technology has a Google Rating of • 4.50 out of a possible 5.0. Based on 18 Google reviews

    Has your home or business been suffering from a slow or sick computer?

    Do you feel frustrated with it from the moment you turn it on?

    Has it been flashing mysterious error messages or refusing to perform the functions you ask of it?

    Maybe it's time for a visit from the technicians of A Affordable Technology.

    AAT is a computer repair business that will come to you in your home or office any time you need help with your computer.

    You will recieve high quality service at a reasonable price.

    We are dedicated to bringing you excellent computer repair, and computer maintenance at affordable prices.

    Our technicians specialize in dealing with all of your computer needs.

    We know these days times are tough and it's hard to stretch a dollar. We can offer the most affordable computer repair services around.

    Our top notch, highly trained experts can diagnose and repair any problem they encounter.

    When your computer breaks, no need to throw it away and buy a new computer from wal-mart. We can upgrade your old computer. It will run like it's brand new!

    Nowadays if your internet doesn't work, you don't work. We can upgrade or repair the network in your exsting West Palm Beach, FL, home or office.
    We can troubleshoot internet problems, configure network printers, setup network shares, and much, much more.

    We pride ourselves in offering affordable, quality computer repair services to the West Palm Beach area and all surrounding counties.

    At AAT customer service is paramount. This means giving specific attention to you and your computer and laptop needs.
    It means being thorough and ensuring your computer or laptop problem is fixed right. It also means being fair, upfront, and honest about our pricing.
    Give us a call. We can't wait to hear from you!

    Computer and iMac Repair West Palm Beach, FL,

    A Affordable Technology Inc

    We provide onsite Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Apple Repair, iMac Repair and Mac repair services in West Palm Beach, FL,

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        CALL    US     TODAY    561-687-2331       you wont find a better company to provide onsite computer repair and laptop repair services in the city of West Palm Beach, FL, we guarantee it! our smart IT experts provide onsite computer repair, Laptop repair, Apple repair, iMac repair and Mac repair for you in the city of West Palm Beach, FL,